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Homestudy Field Trip – March

29 Mar

For spring break our family drove to Richmond, VA. I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of being in a different part of the country, and have our homestudy field trip there.

We chose to visit historic Jamestown for our field trip! We went to Jamestown Settlement where you can explore and learn about 17th century Virginia, and America’s first permanent English colony founded in 1607. There were films, gallery exhibits, and outdoor living history. It was all very interesting, and personally I could have spent a lot more time exploring the museum exhibits but we let the kids lead the way.

Back at the hotel I pulled out the worksheets I had printed at home before we left. My 3rd grader (public school) did two 4th grade level reading worksheets, and my pre-k girl (private school) did a 2nd grade level coloring worksheet. Originally my plan was to visit Colonial Williamsburg, so their worksheets were geared a little more towards the Revolutionary War, but they didn’t seem to notice and they still learned about early American history.



Traveling Families

28 Jan

I have an acquaintance here in our town that, together with her husband, made the decision last year to travel the United States for a year as a family. They sold their house and most of their belongings, bought an RV, and pulled their two elementary school age boys out of public school. They have been on the road ever since! They are homeschooling the boys, and learning by seeing and doing. They are experiencing the world first hand, and it is inspiring.

I recently discovered a blogger whose family has just embarked on a similar journey, although for them it is traveling around the world. They have four young children, two elementary school age and two younger, and will be home-schooling them as they travel. I will be following their adventures on their blog.

I find this life-style so attractive and inspiring. I love traveling, seeing new places, and experiencing new things with my family. I have issues with the public school system in Texas, and in the United States in general, so home-school (or some other alternative) is more appealing to me than in the past. However, I don’t know if we could ever take that leap ourselves…seems so crazy to even think about!

Are you a family that home-schools your children while traveling? Would you be interested in this kind of life adventure?