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Summer Reading Programs

13 Aug

kids reading

I had intended to write about summer reading programs at the beginning of summer, but what can I say…time got away from me! 🙂 In June I read through this post about some of the free programs available this summer, and in the end decided to have my daughters participate in the program that Half Price Books stores were offering.

We kept a daily log (that we printed off the Half Price Books website) of each girl’s reading minutes. The girls had to read a minimum of 300 minutes (or be read to, for the younger kids like my Kindergartener) during the month of June, and again during the month of July. Each month we turned in their reading logs and they received a $5 gift certificate to Half Price Books.

My 8 year old read over twice the required reading minutes, and we read to my 5 year old over 400 minutes each month. My 8 year old was able to purchase three books and two bookmarks with the gift certificates she earned, and my 5 year old purchased two books and two bookmarks.

I think it was a successful program, and we were happy with the outcome! Did your children participate in any summer reading programs this year? What were your favorites?