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Art Closet: Before & After

13 Nov

Take a look at this mess! I am not as fortunate as some, to have a whole room dedicated to our art supplies, but we do have a closet full. Unfortunately our art closet had gotten completely out of control, and recently I decided to do something about it. At some point in the past three years since we bought this house, my girls stopped putting things away neatly, and just stuffed and stacked and crammed things in. It got to the point that we could no longer even walk in the closet, or find what we were looking for. It was time for a complete reorganization! Here are some pictures of the process.

Sorry this is blurry, but it is the only before picture I got.



All clean!



This is everything that came out of the closet!



Blurry again, sorry, but much better!



What organization projects have you tackled around your house lately?