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Big House Too Big?

10 Oct

I never thought I would say this, but we are strongly considering putting our house on the market in the spring. I have been feeling the need to simplify our lives for some time now, and our 2800 sf house just isn’t simple for the four of us. How much space does a family of four need anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I love our house and I love it’s potential! When we purchased our home three years ago, I thought we would be here at least ten years.

A house this big is hard to keep clean without the help of a cleaning service or maid, and that is something we just can’t justify spending money on at this point in our lives. Cleaning our house from top to bottom is a day long process for two adults, which just seems like a ridiculous way to spend our time. A couple weeks ago we were expecting out of town guests on a Saturday evening, so I got up at 6:30am and got to work cleaning. My husband joined me at 8:30am, and together we worked until 5:30pm, only pausing for meals and bathroom breaks (and a softball game for my husband). All this cleaning has me rethinking the idea that “bigger is better”.

Another reason we are considering putting our house on the market, is that we would really like to move to another part of the country. My husband and I were both born here in Texas, and have spent our entire lives here with the exception of our four year stay in California. Despite this, we both hate the heat and humidity that we have to endure June through October. Our oldest doesn’t handle the heat well at all. All four of us also have pretty bad allergies here. We are considering a move to Colorado at the beginning of the summer, once school lets out. We have visited several times over the years, and like the cooler drier weather, the good/healthy food, the overall healthy environment and outdoor activities, and the fact that it is drivable in a day for our family here. We are currently in the research stage though, so we’ll see.

Reason #3 to list our home for sale, is that our current market is booming and if our calculations are right we could make enough profit to pay off my husband’s student loans and be completely debt free. Assuming the government gets their act together, and doesn’t screw up the housing market recovery with their ridiculous shut down of course. We have been looking at comps in our area, and talking with friends who have sold recently, and were surprised at what we could potentially make on our home if we were to sell it. Being able to be completely debt free for the first time in our fourteen year marriage is reason enough I think!

We have some big decisions to make in the near future, and are praying that God will guide us where we should go. Any advice would be welcomed!