Christmas Gifts

9 Dec

Have you ever felt like the mountains of Christmas gifts under your tree is all just a little too much? Are you stressed about holiday shopping, running from store to store for the current “it” items for your children? In the past I know I have spent way too much time, money, and my own sanity buying things my girls didn’t even need just so they would have lots of pretty things under the tree on Christmas morning.

This year we have implemented a few restrictions on our gift giving, and it has certainly made this part of the holidays more enjoyable and stress-free. For each of the girls we are giving them something they want, something they need, something they will wear, and something they will read. We are also giving them an educational gift, and this year it is something they will share but in the future it could be something different for each of them. My husband and I are also giving each other the same: need, want, wear, read; and we did each make a wish list to help each other out 🙂 Each of our girls also have a stocking that we will fill with a few small needs, as well as a few small wants.

In our country, and in the area that we live in specifically, there is so much excess. We are confronted with it on a daily basis where we live, and I have watched as the children around me have become so entitled it is downright scary…my own girls included. That is one of the many reason we had to stop and take a hard look at the way we are living our lives, and make some much needed changes in the direction we were going. Limiting Christmas gifts is just one way we are combating the excess in our lives.

How are you combating the culture of excess this holiday season? What is your family doing to keep your children grounded and living in reality?


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