A Weeks Worth of Groceries (April 29 – May 5)

5 Jun

As stated in previous posts of this nature, this is a typical week’s worth of groceries for my family of four (2 adults, 2 elementary age children). All items are organic unless otherwise noted. My hope is to inspire you to eat better everyday!

Central Market


Lactose Free Whole Milk* (for my husband), Organic Whole Milk, Applegate Farms Smoked Turkey Deli Meat, Organic Bananas, Red Seedless Grapes*, Green Seedless Grapes*

*These items were conventionally grown, and are not organic. This is not the norm for us! My daughter really wanted grapes for her birthday party, and I could not find local or organic unfortunately.

Earthwise Gardens


Ground Beef, Ground Breakfast Sausage, Pork Brats, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Cauliflower, Strawberries, Vanilla Almond Granola, Texas Trail Mix, Oranges, Grapefruit, Pecans, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese, Raw Milk Mozzarella Cheese, Raw Milk Feta Cheese, Cheese Spreads (strawberry, chive, and basil-garlic)

*All items from this store are local (within the state of Texas), organic, meats and eggs from animals that are pastured/grass-fed, cheeses made with raw milk.

Cupboard Natural Food Store


Honey Acres Chocolate Honey Mint Patties, Organic Valley Mozzarella Cheese, Hail Merry Tart (chocolate, and vanilla creme), Hail Merry Blonde Macaroons, Organic Valley Butter, Applegate Farms Prosciutto, Organic Refried Beeans, Choice Green Tea, Pepper Belly’s Salsa, Muir Glen Pizza Sauce, Native Pineapple Chunks, Jeffs Naturals, Sliced Peperoncini, Barbara’s Cereal Honest O’s, Organic Lemons, Fruit Leather (raspberry, apricot, grape), Way Better Sweet Potato Chips, Ryvita Pumpkin Seed Crackers, That’s It Bars (apple/cherry, apple/mango, apple/pear, apple/apricot), Way Better Blue Corn Chips, Beanito Black Bean Chips, Basil, Tomato, Heartland Bread (honey whole wheat, sunflower seen, and raisin cinnamon)

Tom Thumb


Organic Whole Milk, Triscuits, Chicken Broth, Parmesan Cheese



Larabars, Clif Kids Fruit Ropes, Stretch Island Fruit Leathers

*I shop at Costco about once every 4-6 weeks

4 Responses to “A Weeks Worth of Groceries (April 29 – May 5)”

  1. suburbanworkingmom June 6, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Thanks for sharing! Do you buy this same amount each week? Go to all four stores? I would love to buy more organic, but just find it hard to manage multiple trips each week. Also, have you found the costs significantly higher than non-organic, or just moderately?

  2. tracy June 7, 2013 at 5:43 pm #

    Thanks for your comment! I almost always go to at least two stores each week, sometimes more. It does take more time, but each store carries different things. I don’t usually go to more than two in the same day though, so splitting the trips up between my other errands helps. All the stores I shop at are within 30 miles of my house.
    I do find some things to be significantly more expensive unfortunately. I don’t even know what a gallon of conventional milk cost these days (it’s been so long since we bought it), but I know it’s no where near the $7.00 per gallon we are paying for the raw milk we purchase from the farmer now. Not too long ago I read something that stuck with me, and it has helped put the cost of good quality healthy food into perspective. It went something like this: “When did buying quality food that is healthy and good for you become a luxury? We spend $200 a month on cable, $200 a month on cell phone service, another couple hundred on fast food/restaurants, and don’t think a thing about it. But we balk at spending more money on the food we eat and feed our families.” I say, do as much as you can comfortably! Replace one item a week with something that is healthier and better for you.
    I hope this helps!

  3. sandrinatcarvalho June 11, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    Hi, I’m starting to buy more organic, so I get it delivered by a local company,its good to help local farmers and its very common in london. Meat usually I buy free range more than organic. I make my own bread and cereal bars. good to know what other people buy,thanks for sharing 🙂

    • tracy June 19, 2013 at 9:57 am #

      That’s great! I want to learn to can this summer too…I would love to make my own jams!

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