The Milk We Drink

16 May


My view of milk has evolved over the years, but most drastically in the last few months. Growing up, my mom always bought conventional 2% milk (I’m not sure if organic milk was widely available at the time) and I was taught that whole milk had too much fat content.

Around age 12 I was diagnosed by an E.N.T. with a milk allergy, and my parents made me give it up altogether for several months to try to “cure the allergy” as the doctor suggested. Ever tried cereal with apple juice? Um, yeah.

As a teenager I was influenced by a few of my friends, who were constantly dieting, to switch to skim milk because heaven forbid we eat or drink anything with any amount of fat in it. This was during the rise of the “fat-free” trend, and I got swept up in it like so many others.

After I got married, I went back and forth between skim and 1% and 2% for no particular reason. All I knew was that whole milk had too much fat in it. Little did I really know!

Sometime in the past few years, I don’t remember exactly when, we switched full-time to buying only organic 2% milk. We made the switch to organic because we were worried about the hormones in conventional milk that were being passed on to our two little girls. We had heard how the hormones in conventional milk can cause early on-set puberty in children, and that was something we definitely wanted to avoid.

A few months ago we switched from organic 2% to organic whole milk. You can read more about whole milk, as well as all the others, here.

Within the last couple months I have been reading about the health benefits of raw milk vs organic milk that has been pasteurized. You can read more about the health benefits of raw milk here. We decided to make the switch, and are currently working on our second gallon. Laws concerning the sale of raw milk vary by state, but here in Texas you can legally purchase raw milk from the farmer who produces it. You have to purchase it AT the farm, not at a farmers market. We are purchasing our milk from Diamond B Cattle Company in Decatur, TX. If you do decide to give raw milk a try, you must visit the farm first! Get to know the farmer, ask questions, and make sure the farm is clean and in tip-top shape. Since we just recently made this switch I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but let me tell you, this is the freshest best-tasting milk we have ever had. I am hooked already!

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