Where I Shop For Groceries

25 Apr

My grocery shopping habits have definitely evolved in the thirteen years that I have been married, and even more drastically in recent months since changing to a whole foods diet for our family. I have done my grocery shopping at so many different stores over the years, I doubt I could remember them all! Where I used to be concerned with convenience/location and cost of goods, I now concern myself more with quality and healthfulness. The following are places that I shop on a weekly basis for our groceries:

Central Market – I shop here mainly because it is the only place I know of to get the Applegate deli meat that we like. I always pick up a couple other things while I’m here.

Cupboard Natural Foods – I shop here for a lot of my staples. However, even though they are a “natural food store”, I still read labels careful before buying anything. Not all of their products fit within my guidelines of what is acceptable in our whole foods diet.

Earthwise Gardens – I shop here for the bulk of my produce, meat, eggs, and cheeses. I also buy other items here as they are available like granola, pecans, honey, etc. This is a local farmer’s produce shop, and everything in the shop is either from his garden, or sourced as locally as possible and all within the state of Texas. All his produce is organic, the honey is raw unfiltered, the meat is local grass-fed, the cheeses made from raw milk. I can not say enough how much I love this shop! I am supporting local farmers and getting the freshest healthiest food for my family by shopping here.

Other stores I intend to start shopping at soon:

Whole Foods – There is rumored to be one in the works in our area!

Farmer’s Markets – These should be starting back up soon, and run through fall.

What are your go-to stores for healthy eating?

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