Food Babe vs Kraft

18 Apr

You may have already heard about Food Babe, and Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food, taking on the American food giant Kraft over petroleum-based dyes yellow #5 and yellow #6 that are used in Kraft’s macaroni and cheese as well as many other products in this country. If you have not heard about this, let me fill you in on this very important issue and how YOU can help.

When the UK decided that products with yellow #5 and yellow #6 (potentially harmful artificial ingredients) must have a warning label on their packages, Kraft reformulated their macaroni and cheese using natural coloring (paprika and beta carotene). Unfortunately they have not voluntarily done the same in America. In fact, lots of companies (including Kraft) continue to use ingredients here in the US that are banned in other countries. Don’t we as Americans deserve the same safer food as our friends overseas?


These harmful dyes are completely unnecessary. The UK version and the American version look and taste almost identical! Food Babe and Lisa Leake have done taste tests themselves, as well as on the streets of Chicago, and people actually preferred the UK version. Imagine that!

Yellow #5 and yellow #6 are:

  • contaminated with known carcinogens (cancer causing agent)
  • cause hyper activity in children
  • have a negative impact on children’s ability to learn
  • have been linked to health problems such as asthma, skin rashes, and migraines
  • have no nutritional value and are used for aesthetic purposes only

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that stuff in my body or my children’s bodies! I grew up on Kraft Mac & Cheese, just like most of you probably did, and I have fed it to my children occasionally (before we started on our real food diet). No more! I have taken a stand and boycotted all Kraft products, I signed the petition and posted on Kraft’s facebook page. I am doing my part to get rid of these nasty dyes…will you help? Go here to sign the petition, and help us change Kraft’s mind about serving Americans mac & cheese with yellow #5 and yellow #6!

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