2013 Goals: April Update

10 Apr

My progress so far this year…


1.Pay off all debt except student loan and home mortgage (this includes two cars, a line of credit, and credit cards) – Paid $2,526.72 extra towards debt

2. Make a decision about what I want to do (for work), and work towards putting myself in that position – My husband and I are kicking an idea around that we are both very excited about!


1. Convert to clean eating, while spending wisely to save on groceries – Carefully reading the ingredient labels on everything I buy. Continuing to read and learn more about eating real, fresh, organic, local food. Watched the new documentary Hungry For Change.

2. Exercise 2-3 times per week (30 minutes or more)


1. Finish girl #1’s room re-model

2. Start (and hopefully finish) girl #2’s room re-model

3. Continue improvements to yard and landscaping – Planted new flowering shrubs, ornamental grass, and flowers in our front flower bed.

4. Start a garden


1. Find a church home


1. Learn Spanish with my girls – Still working our way through the 6-disc children’s Spanish learning DVD set I purchased. Finished disc 1 (learned all words), currently on disc 2.

2. Read (books) – Currently reading two books

3. Volunteer (more often)

4. Be a better wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend

5. Simplify my life – Made the decision (it’s been a long time coming) to close my portrait photography business for good


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