2013 Goals: March Update

13 Mar

My progress so far this year…


1.Pay off all debt except student loan and home mortgage (this includes two cars, a line of credit, and credit cards) – Paid $992 towards debt

2. Make a decision about what I want to do (for work), and work towards putting myself in that position


1. Convert to clean eating, while spending wisely to save on groceries – Did some research and found a local natural foods store, and farm to table produce shop that sells all organic Texas grown products only. Found and am following several bloggers that are on all natural, whole foods diets.

2. Exercise 2-3 times per week (30 minutes or more)


1. Finish girl #1’s room re-model

2. Start (and hopefully finish) girl #2’s room re-model

3. Continue improvements to yard and landscaping – Finished cleaning out front and one side flower beds. Purchased new garden hoses for those flower beds.

4. Start a garden


1. Find a church home


1. Learn Spanish with my girls – Still working our way through the 6-disc children’s Spanish learning DVD set I purchased. Finished disc 1 (learned all words), currently on disc 2.

2. Read (books) – Currently reading two books

3. Volunteer (more often)

4. Be a better wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend

5. Simplify my life – Made the decision to not continue next year with the three PTA roles I have this year, and let the board know. I will continue to volunteer within the PTA, and at the school, but need to not commit so much of my time so that I have time for other things I would like to do. 

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