Clean Eating, Whole Food Cleanse

26 Feb


One of my goals for this year is to fully convert to clean eating, and hopefully get my family to do the same. I joined a 12 week weight loss/health challenge three weeks ago with some friends, and made my goals fit with my goals for the year. As part of this challenge, and to help give me a boost toward meeting my goals, I decided to do a whole food cleanse. I made it nine days. I have outlined below what I ate, and I will tell you that after the first couple days I felt great. I stayed fuller longer, and didn’t have any trouble staying under my calorie goal…in fact, most days the My Fitness Pal app I use was telling me I wasn’t getting enough calories even though I felt full. I was able to stop drinking my daily iced coffee, and yet felt less tired through-out the day than before. My skin is clearer. It is very apparent to me the benefits of eating an all natural, whole foods diet, and that cements in my mind the reasons I want to change the way we eat.

Day 1 – Organic Apples, Water. Total calories consumed 560

Day 2 – Added back Eggs. Total calories consumed 785

Day 3 – Added back Organic Lettuce, Olive Oil, Water. Total calories consumed 935

Day 4 – Added back Steel Cut Oats, Raw Honey. Total calories consumed 975

Day 5 – Added back Feta Cheese. Total calories consumed 1017

Day 6 – Added back Bananas. Total calories consumed 730 + Chicken Caesar Salad and Patrizio’s Bellini (dinner out with friends)

Day 7 – Added back Black Beans. Total calories consumed 1220 – 263 calories burned playing competitive volleyball (in a gym) = 957 net

Day 8 – Added back Brown Rice. Total calories consumed 1065 (lunch was a Chicken Caesar Salad from Pizza Hut, which is highly processed and not organic)

Day 9 – Added back Organic Carrots. Total calories consumed 1350

Today I start over, after several days of slip-ups. Hopefully I can last more than nine days this time, and if not, I will keep trying!

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