Scrap Paper (Repurposed Paper)

22 Jan

My girls love to draw, write, color, and create. I love that they are creative, and I want to always encourage their creativity, but they were going through my printer paper faster than I was comfortable with.

I read a tip on a blog somewhere about saving mail and other papers that had only been printed on one side, and printing coupons on the backs of those papers to help keep printing costs down. I decided to take that idea and make it work for us in a different way, so I started a scrap pile. I save anything that has been printed on only one side, unless it has sensitive information on it (which I shred). My girls know to use the scrap paper unless they are making someone a birthday card, or writing a letter, and then they use the printer paper. After a paper has been used on both sides it gets put in the recycling bin.

This little tip has helped us reduce, reuse, and recycle!



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