Homestudy Field Trips

13 Jan


I have been so inspired lately by a few of the homeschooling moms that I know. Homeschooling, at least for some, has come a long way from when I was a teen. I was home-schooled from 7th – 12th grades. My parents bought the American home school curriculum because it was recommended to them, and I was put on cruise control and expected to learn on my own. I received my high school diploma two years early, not because I worked hard and applied myself but because it was just that easy. I definitely feel like that portion of my education was poor.

As much as I wish my parents had left me in public school, now that I have my own child in the public school system I am becoming more and more aware each year of the inadequacies and I want more for my girls. Unfortunately I do not see a fix for the public school system in our state, or our country, anytime soon. Private school is not an option at this point because we simply can not afford it. There is a charter school near us that is widely renowned, and has one of the best curriculum in the country, but unless you live in that town the only way to get into this school is through a yearly lottery system. Last year we entered our oldest in the lottery, and the number she drew was 63. Needless to say, she did not make it in. This year I entered both girls in the lottery because our youngest will be entering Kindergarten next year. We should hear what numbers they drew in the next month or so.

Until something changes I am determined to supplement my girls education where needed. Last year, when my oldest was in the 2nd grade, six of us (moms) were so unhappy with the Math lessons our kids were getting at school and decided to supplement. We all purchased 3rd grade Math textbooks through Amazon, and one of the moms taught weekly Math lessons out of her home, with the kids completing daily homework at home. Our six kids excelled in Math at school due to this!

One of the things I have been disappointed in is the steady decline of good educational field trips. I realize it is a huge undertaking to take 80 children (this is roughly the number of children in my daughter’s grade level) somewhere, but I feel like they are missing out on fun hands-on learning experiences. Since I do not foresee a change at the school anytime soon in this regard, I have decided to conduct home-study field trips on my own with my girls. Once a month we will go on a field trip to a new place, or a place we haven’t been in awhile, where they can learn and have fun. I will post the field trips we take, in hopes that they will inspire you as well.


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