Pampers Gifts to Grow Reward Program

10 Jan

Pampers and Huggies both have reward programs, where you earn points for buying their products. I was a Pampers mom when my girls were little(r), preferred them over other diaper brands hands down, and I saved the reward codes from packages of Pampers diapers and wipes since I bought that brand most often. I remember using my reward points to get a few small things when my oldest was little, but somewhere along the way I stopped entering the codes and just stashed them in a bin in our office. The cool thing is that they don’t expire! They have expiration dates on them, but they have always extended it and I was able to enter codes that had long expired.

I have been working on cleaning out and organizing our office, and finally entered in all the Pampers codes I had saved. I ended up with 6234 points in my account! I was able to order the biggest item they had for 6,000 points, a PlasmaCar for my girls! We do not have one of these, but a few friends do and they look really fun for the kids. They can actually hold up to 220 lbs, so my husband and I could try the car out if we wanted. I am so excited for it to arrive, I think the girls will have fun with it. Best of all, it was completely free…even shipping! With the remaining 234 points I made donations to Graham’s Foundation, March of Dimes, P&G Disaster Relief Fund, and UNICEF.

If you have little ones in diapers I recommend using one or both of these reward programs, you never know what cool prizes you can get, even years down the road!


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