A-Caroling We Go!

22 Dec

We went caroling for the first time in a local neighborhood with a bunch of friends, it was so much fun! Each family brought a dozen cookies, and we wrapped a variety up and handed them out at each of the houses that we sang at. The adults let the kids do the singing, and everyone at the houses we stopped at seemed to enjoy listening to them. One couple even asked if they could follow us and listen as we stopped at other houses after there’s!

One of the houses we stopped at was the home of a sweet older lady, who lost her husband earlier this year. She came out and sat on the porch while the kids sang, and then afterward walked out and gave us all hugs with tears in her eyes. I could feel her loneliness, and it just broke my heart. My own Grandmother lost my Granddaddy this year, and she is so very lonely without him. What makes it so much harder is that she lives 6 hours away, so I can’t go visit on a weekly basis and cheer her up.

After we finished caroling we all ended up where we had started, at a friend’s home, and loaded up on cookies and hot coco. It was a wonderful experience for the four of us, and I hope to do it again next Christmas!



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